COVID-19: information

Museum Vestfyn – Corona precautions

At Museum Vestfyn we wish to take good care of our guests, staff, and volunteers. Since the middle of March, we have thus been following the recommendations laid out by both the Danish government and the health authorities. This means that we have implemented certain precautions in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19.

A safe reopening of the museum means that there will be certain limitations as well as a greater focus on responsible behaviour in order for us to minimize the risk of infection for both guests, staff, and volunteers.

We therefore urge everyone to stay at home if they show symptoms of COVID-19.

During your visit you might experience:

Short hygiene closures:

At our exhibitions you might experience that we close lavatories for a brief period in order to clean and disinfect them. You might also run across staff members focusing on disinfecting all surfaces. The museum has a greater focus on hygiene and some staff members are therefore assigned to keep all surfaces and toilets extra clean during opening hours. Hand sanitizer will of course be available to both guests and staff members and we urge everyone to make use of it during their visit.

Behaviour in the shops:

The shops at both ERNST and Toldbodhus/the old customs house are still open. But we do ask that the costumers do not touch the products. Instead, our staff will pick up and place the items in a bag upon request.

We urge everyone to:


We urge all our guests to:

  • Stay at home if you have the slightest symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Make use of the hand sanitizer placed at every exhibition location.
  • Keep your distance to other guests and staff members. This goes both for the ticket sales and in the exhibitions.
  • Ask a staff member for help if you wish to buy an item from our shops. They will be more than happy to help place it in a bag for you. This way as few people as possible get in contact with the products.
  • Use their sleeve if they need to sneeze or cough.

Do you have symptoms of illness? Then we ask that you please do not show up at the exhibitions before at least two days have passed without any symptoms.