What can you experience?

At the Museum of West Funen you can explore exhibitions that tell Local Stories from and about Assens municipality. You can also get a unique experience in ERNST.

Three separate buildings in Assens house our many experiences. The buildings are themselves historically rich and central to the story of the old market town and its development.

Local Stories can be experienced two places: In the old customs house, Assens Toldkammer, at the harbour (Nordre Havnevej 19) as well as the old merchant’s house – Willemoesgaarden (Østergade 36). At the customs house you can experience the exhibition People and the Harbour. This exhibition tells the story of the vital importance of the harbour for the market town of Assens and surrounding area throughout the ages. With the help of a mood-creating atmosphere and unique film clips from the local archives, you can get close to this harbour that was the significant foundation for the creation of the town of Assens.

Named after the naval hero Peter Willemoes, Willemoesgaarden is home to the exhibition Willemoes. The exhibition tells the story of the naval hero, who fought bravely during the English Wars. The exhibition is kid-friendly and encourages exploration! For the grown up autience, there’s  both artistic, literary and historical gems to be discovered.

The buildings in Østergade 57 previously housed both residence and silverware production. Now they are home to an exceptional experience ERNST – which accommodates three exhibitions: Ernst’s CollectionsFactory and Manufacturer, and Frederik Ernst’s Garden. Showcased in the exhibition Ernst’s Collections is a unique collection of silver, porcelain, and art that the silverware manufacturer Frederik Ernst (1892-1976) created and exhibited in his own home. The exhibition Factory and Manufacturer tells the story of the silverware production in a Danish provincial town and the men behind “J. Ernst’s Sølvvarefabrik”, which shut down in the 1950s.  You can also experience Frederik Ernst’s Garden: an Italian inspired courtyard created by the man behind the silverware production at the same place and enclosed by the buildings that housed it.

At ERNST, you can also drop into the Garden Room. Here you can have your brought-along food, read the newspaper or just relax. If, perhaps, you are a group who would like to end your visit in cosy surroundings, we happily invite you to utilise the Garden Room.

We look forward to welcoming you in our exhibitions.

What is the Museum of West Funen?

The Museum of West Funen is the main museum of cultural history for Assens Municipality. Physically our base is in Assens, but we prioritize highly to be visible throughout the municipality.