The buildings in Østergade 57 previously housed both residence and silverware production – now they are home to an exceptional experience ERNST. Here we tell the story of both residence, silverware production, and garden – and, of course, about the Ernst Family.

ERNST includes three exhibitions. The exhibition Ernst’s Collections displays the large collection of silver, porcelain, and art that the silverware manufacturer Frederik Ernst (1892-1976) gathered and in his last years himself exhibited as if it was a museum. Factory and Manufacturer narrates silverware production in a Danish provincial town and narrates the story of the men behind “J. Ernst’s Sølvvarefabrik”, which shut down in the 1950s. ERNST also includes Frederik Ernst’s Garden, an Italian inspired courtyard, created by the man behind the silverware production at the same place and enclosed by the buildings that housed it.

When visiting ERNST, you are also welcome in the Garden Room. Here you can have your brought-along food or relax.

Ernst’s Collections

Visit the exhibition Ernst’s Collections and get an original and impressive experience! Ernst’s Collections consists of silver, porcelain and art in a varied, almost kitsch, medley. Rooms are decorated with marbled wood panelling and an imitated tile floor. A table is set with royal porcelain and old silverware. The collection is experienced in the authentic flat, which stands as the owner, silverware manufacturer Frederik Ernst (1892-1976), created it. The buildings that through more than sixty years housed Danish silverware production frame the collection.

Frederik Ernst’s Garden

The 300 m2 large Italian inspired courtyard is in the heart of Assens, behind Østergade 57. Silverware manufacturer Frederik Ernst (1892-1976), who had a preference for the Italian style, laid out the garden. This preference is seen in the central elements of the garden: a colonnade and sculptures that make you think of Renaissance Rome. The buildings framing the garden housed the silverware factory from the late 1800s. Here, they produced silverware to the Danish and international consumers until the factory shut down in the 1950s.

In the opening hours of the museum you are welcome to bring along your lunch and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the garden, just a few steps away from the main street of the town.

Factory and Manufacturer

The exhibition is shown in the rooms of the previous factory, where “J. Ernst’s Sølvvarefabrik” produced silverware until the 1950s. Here you get an insight into silverware production and the opportunity to see some of the products produced in the factory. The exhibition does not only focus on the factory and products, it also gives a glimpse into the lives of the employees – and not least into the men behind the factory: Johan and Frederik Ernst.

The Garden Room

On days when the weather does not permit sitting in Frederik Ernst’s Garden, you can have your brought-along food in the Garden Room. Here you can also read the newspaper or just relax.  If, perhaps, you are a group who would like to end the visit to the museum in cosy surroundings, we happily invite you to utilise the Garden Room. We hope you want drop in.