Practical Information

In historic buildings with soul and charm, it is difficult to provide access for everyone. Our exhibition buildings have level differences and stairs. Contact us before your visit, so we can discuss the possibilities.

Only guide dogs are allowed in our exhibitions and in the museum garden – Frederik Ernst’s Garden.

There are changing facilities in all our exhibitions. However, it is not possible to bring strollers inside; they can be parked outside. In the museum garden at ERNST, you can place the stroller right by the windows of CAFÉ ERNST. Here, you can also warm a bottle or find a quiet corner for breastfeeding.

You will find our cozy café – CAFÉ ERNST – at ERNST, Østergade 57, 5610 Assens. Here, you can enjoy hot and cold drinks as well as some sweets. If the weather permits, you can also enjoy your coffee in the museum garden – Frederik Ernst’s Garden. It is free to visit the museum garden, and of course, it is free to visit CAFÉ ERNST. The café offers free Wi-Fi. You can also read the newspaper or enjoy one of the many games available. CAFÉ ERNST has the same opening hours as the exhibition.

The WILLEMOES exhibition is designed for children and exploration. On the ground floor, you can both see and touch. Here, both young and old can, for example, explore the drawers and “set sail” when the course is set on the helm’s compass.
In ERNST, you can settle down at CAFÉ ERNST. Enjoy a refreshment while trying one of the many games available in the café. You can also enjoy the tranquillity of the museum garden – Frederik Ernst’s Garden. During most holidays, we invite you to fun and exciting activities with a historical twist. The activities take place in connection with our exhibition venues.

Food and Drink
You can purchase hot and cold drinks at CAFÉ ERNST; otherwise, we refer you to the surrounding eateries.

There is free and unlimited parking at the parking lot near Reberbanen, close to ERNST, Østergade 57, and within walking distance of Willemoesgaarden, Østergade 36. In Østergade, there is time-limited parking for 1 hour. There is also parking at Rema 1000 in Østergade; please pay attention to the signage as some spaces are time-limited.

Photography is allowed, but without flash and considering other guests.

Public Transportation
The city bus stops within walking distance of the exhibition venues.

There are restrooms in all exhibition buildings, except for accessible restrooms.

You will find our museum shop at ERNST, Østergade 57, 5610 Assens. The shop has the same opening hours as the exhibition.

Smoking is not allowed. This includes the museum garden – Frederik Ernst’s Garden and CAFÉ ERNST.

House Rules at ERNST

  • Bags and outerwear are not allowed in the exhibition areas. There are lockers available in the museum shop. These can be locked and used free of charge.
  • When moving around the apartment on the 1st floor, please follow the red carpet. If you wander outside of it, there is a risk of triggering the alarm.
  • Touching the exhibits is strictly prohibited.
  • You are welcome to take photographs, but without flash and being considerate of other guests.
  • Download our free Museum Vestfyn app – it provides information about the exhibits as you navigate through the exhibition.