What can you experience?

Listen and experience as unknown worlds open up to you. Sounds from the historic harbour, sounds inside a historic house muted by the wall-to-wall-carpets, and the sounds from the last fight of a hero! Experience the people who have walked this path before you – three historic houses, three exhibitions, and history being told! Experience the presence of the past.

ERNST Østergade 57, Assens.

WILLEMOES Willemoesgaarden, Østergade 36, Assens.

Mennesket og havnen Assens Toldkammer, Nordre Havnevej 19, Assens.

What is the Museum of West Funen?

The Museum of West Funen is the main museum of cultural history for Assens Municipality. Physically our base is in Assens, but we prioritize highly to be visible throughout the municipality.